The municipal area of Capoliveri has Elba’s longest coastline, reaching from the bay of Mola bordering on the municipality of Porto Azzurro to Capo Fonza, next to the Gulf of Campo. In the middle is the Calamita peninsula with its wonderful landscape, flora and fauna, a favourite with mountain bikers but a paradise for seagulls (whence the name “Costa dei Gabbiani” or “Seagull Coast”), its coast including some of the island’s most beautiful coves and sandy beaches, some only accessible by sea.

A total of 35 kilometres of coastline, with many small inlets surrounded by a luxuriant, incredibly fragrant maquis reaching right down to the sea, sun-baked rocky shores, sandy beaches, bays and coves, tiny patches of shingle and tongues of the whitest sand. Here the sea is crystal-clear thanks to the currents that keep the water constantly on the move, bringing masses of plankton near to the shore and ensuring it is always rich in blue fish.

The most attractive, distinctive beaches in the Capoliveri municipal area are:

Spiaggia di Naregno, Elba

a sandy beach with plenty of amenities running along the shore of a long inlet dominated by the striking star-shaped Focardo Fortress on the right.

Spiaggia di Straccoligno, Elba

set into the maquis between the tip of Capo Perla and Liscolino; this splendid sandy beach has full amenities and is well organised to serve holidaymakers’ needs.

Spiaggia di Calanova, Elba

a very unusual bay well worth a stop even on the hottest days, when visitors can cool off in the shade of the splendid pinewood, or in the crystal-clear sea with a wonderful view of the small Liscoli island.

Spiaggia dell-innamorata, Elba

the last small area of free coastline before the start of the off-limits mining district. This splendid cove with its iron-ore sand is very popular for its clear waters, especially around the Gemini islands, which are within swimming distance.

Spiaggia di Pareti, Elba

facing towards the mysterious profile of Corsica and with Monte Calamita at its back, this strip of sand enjoys a fine view of Capo di Stella and the island’s south-western coast.

Spiaggia di Morcone, Elba

a bay with rich vegetation and clear, green sea, ideal for diving. The sand and fine shingle beach opens onto a broad horizon where the setting sun paints colours of unique beauty.


Madonna delle Grazie:
very small in size, this is a charming sand and shingle beach that retains the genuine island “feel”. With rocks, crannies and a rich marine flora and fauna, the waters here are ideal for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Spiaggia di Barabarca, Elba

is a stunning sand and shingle beach with crystal-clear water, surrounded by lush vegetation reflected in the sea.

Spiaggia di Zuccale, Elba

a splendid sandy bay surrounded by maquis reaching almost down to the sea.

Spiaggia del Lido, Elba

easily accessible from the main road from Portoferraio to Porto Azzurro, even at peak season, this sandy beach is well organised with regard to amenities and places to eat.

Spiaggia del Felciaio, Elba

surrounded by an untamed natural landscape, this wonderful sand and gravel cove is popular for its quiet ambience. The unusual shape of the rocks that surround it give the impression of a real natural swimming-pool.

Spiaggia di Norsi, Elba

in black sand and shingle, is south-facing in a quiet zone with luxuriant vegetation.

Spiaggia di Margidore, Elba

in sand mixed with shingle, is fairly quiet and offers easy launching for small boats.

Spiaggia di Lacona, Elba

is a beach of the finest sand; at a kilometre in length, it is second only to the beach at Campo nell’Elba. Since the waters off the beach continue to be shallow a long way beyond the shoreline, it is particularly ideal for families with young children, and is well organised in terms of places to eat and beach club services.