Elba Bike Park

Capoliveri is famous not only for the beautiful beaches that surround it and the vibrant nightlife in town. In the last few years it has also become a major centre for mountain bike enthusiasts (both push-bikes and e-bikes) thanks to the trails on Mount Calamita above the town.

The Capoliveri Bike Park comprises 5 permanent trails of different difficulties and lengths, totalling more than 100 km of spectacular tracks and roads, which can be combined to suit individual preferences.

Each trail is identified by its own colour, and in an impressive campaign, the Association’s members have placed signs across the area and at every junction with the name of the trail, the direction to be taken, and a reference number for the point where the sign is located, so both the sign and the name of its location can easily be found on the map.

Depending on their skill and fitness levels, bikers will be to enjoy the thrill of a steep descent or climb to the summit of the mountain, ride along and then swim at one of the Costa dei Gabbiani’s many beaches, or visit the ancient iron mines.

These trails were included in the 1994 World Cup (and Capoliveri was rated by the champions taking part as one of the three loveliest locations for a biker); the event will be returning in October 2021, and every year the area also hosts the Legend Cup, a famous race in the UCI MTB Marathon Series.

For full information and trails, see www.capoliveribikepark.it

Bicycles and mountain bikes to suit all tastes can be rented at Capoliveri in several shops and bike hire services.

Bike all'Elba
Bike all'Elba
Bike all'Elba